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WGS Internship Guidelines (WGS 490)


Students who are WGS majors may request course credit for a WGS internship.   Students should hold at least a 2.75 cumulative GPA.  Generally, internships should not be completed during the first year of undergraduate study.


To request credit for an internship under course number WGS 490, you must first apply to the relevant organization with which you wish to intern. You should also ask a WGS faculty member to act as your academic supervisor for WGS 490. 

To register, you must submit to the WGS chair: 1) a completed WGS 490 Registration Form, available on the WGS website; 2) a copy of your UT academic history; and 3) a letter of verification from the organization where you will serve as an intern.  This letter must include a brief description of your duties, a verification of the number of hours you will work per week, and the name and contact information of your supervisor with the organization.

Registration materials must be submitted to the WGS Chair two weeks prior to the start of the given term. Credit may not be requested for internships already completed. 

Registration requests will be evaluated by the WGS Chair and students will be notified by email regarding their status.

Course Enrollment & Expectations

Students with approved registration requests will be permitted to enroll for WGS 490.  This is a variable credit course of 1-15 credits; the correct number of credits must be specified when enrolling.

A 3-credit internship will involve, on average, 10 contact hours per week with the organization. In addition, students must plan to complete appropriate reading, writing, or oral presentation components for the course, depending on the exact nature of the internship and the number of credits being requested. Typically, a 3-credit internship will require approximately 1500 words of writing, and may also require an oral presentation based on the internship experiences.  Students must outline in consultation with their WGS 490 supervisor the exact academic expectations for the course—including meetings, written work, reading assignments, and the like—within the first 10 days of the given semester.

Grades will be assigned by the WGS 490 supervisor; the internship supervisor will be consulted as needed.