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Minor in Women, Gender and Sexuality

Effective Fall 2017

The Minor in Women, Gender and Sexuality consists of 15 hours:

WGS 2003Introduction to Women, Gender & Sexuality

And any four additional courses (12 credits):

AFST/WGS 4843African-American Women in American Society
CLAS /WGS 3843Gender and Sexuality in Greece & Rome
CNST/WGS 4693Sexuality & Cinema
ENGL/WGST 3323Women in American Literature
ENGL/WGS 4223Women Writers in Britain
FREN 4333French and Francophone Women Writers (in French)
GERM 3703Witches: Myth, Reality, and Representation
GERM 4343Extraordinary Wo(Men)―Outcasts, Rebels, Martyrs, and Saints (carries upper level pre-reqs)
HIST 3833History of Rape
HIUS/WGS 3253Women in American History
HIUS 376/AFST 375/WGS 3763African American Womenʼs History from Slavery to the Present
HIUS / AMST  3263Gay American History
HIUS/AMST 4363History of Gender and Sexuality in the United States
HILA 465/ LAC 4663Gender and Sexuality in Early Latin America
MUCO/WGS 3303Women & Music
MUCO/WGS 4123Women, Performance Art, and the Avant Garde
PHIL/WGS 3823Philosophy of Feminism
PSYC/WGS 4343Psychology of Gender
PSYC 4353Multicultural Psychology
PSYC/AFST 4763African American Psychology
REST/ WGS 3203Gender & Religion
SOCI/WGS 3753Gender in Society
SOCI/WGS 4533Gender & Crime
SPAN 4333Images of Woman in Hispanic Literature (Taught in Spanish – carries upper level prereqs)
WGS 3403Gender, Politics, and the Law
WGS 3703Gender & Globalization
WGS 4003Topics in Women, Gender & Sexuality