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Upcoming Courses

The classes below have all been approved to count for WGS credit. Some of these courses will automatically count toward your WGS degree, and some will require you to file a curricular exception form in order for them to count toward your WGS major or minor on your DARS report. You can reach out to Samantha Keyser in Advising Services if you need help filling out the form. Then send your filled out form to Dr. Nora Berenstain for approval. If you are taking or planning on taking a course that is not listed below but that you think could count toward WGS, send the syllabus to Dr. Nora Berenstain to see if it can be counted for WGS credit.

Graduate students, many of the 400-level courses below can be counted toward the WGS graduate certificate with the approval of the instructor and the WGS Chair. If you are interested in one of the courses listed below, contact the instructor to see if they are willing to create a version of the class assignments that would be appropriate for you to receive graduate credit. 

Current Courses: Fall 2023

Course #Course NameInstructor
WGS 425
Black Feminist TheoryProcope Bell
AFST/ENGL 433Black Women WritersProcope Bell, Jennings
CFS 385Child and Family DiversityHaselschwerdt
(2 sections)
CNST/WGS 469Sexuality and CinemaMa
ENGL 233Major Black WritersLangendorfer
ENGL 254.1Queer Poetry (Special Topics)Smith
ENGL 254.2Disability in Literature (Special Topics)Cooley
ENGL 333African American Literature and AestheticsHarris
ENGL 345Graphic NovelPapke
ENGL 421Modern British NovelSeshagiri
ENGL 402Chaucer, Women, and Medieval CultureDzon
ENGL 436Modern American NovelJennings
ENGL 439Race and Ethnicity in American CinemaHarris (2 sections)
ENGL 590Disability Studies and LiteratureCohen-Vrignaud
GERM 370Witches: Myth, Reality, and RepresentationStehle
PHIL 345BioethicsCupples
PHIL/WGS 382Philosophy of FeminismBerenstain
PHIL 460/560Feminist Philosophy of ScienceBerenstain
Gender, Sexuality, and the LawWinner
SOCI/WGS 375Gender in SocietyEast (2 sections), Peterson (1 section)
SOCI 460Capitalism and RacismChristian
WGS 200Introduction to Women, Gender, and Sexuality
***WGS majors/minors should contact Berenstain with questions about enrolling***
Chiasson (2 sections), Kocher (1 section)
WGS/REST 320Gender and ReligionCollins-Elliott
WGS/ENGL 332Women in American LiteratureJennings
WGS 376African American Women’s History from Slavery to the PresentJeffries
WGS 384Gender and Sexuality in Ancient Greece and RomeKopestonsky
WGS 469Sexuality and CinemaStehle
WGS/REST 479Gender, Sexuality, and East Asian ReligionsBryson
WGS/PSYC 434Psychology of GenderWinford
(2 sections, online)


Winter Mini-Term 2024 (More information about the WMT here.)

Course #Course NameInstructor
WGS 200 (Online, asynchronous)Introduction to Women, Gender, and Sexuality (Online, asynchronous)

***WGS majors/minors should contact Berenstain with questions about enrolling***
SOWK 440/540Perspectives on Reproductive JusticeEly


Spring 2024 (List In Progress)

Course #Course NameInstructor
WGS 200Introduction to Women, Gender, and Sexuality

***WGS majors/minors should contact Berenstain with questions about enrolling***
Chiasson (2 sections in-person), Clausen (1 section, online asynchronous)
WGS 400Topics in Women, Gender & Sexuality:
“Sexuality and Social Media”
CHIN 210/MFLL 200CHIN 210: Introduction to Chinese Culture:
“Queer Asia” (Vol Core)
MFLL 200: Topics of International Literatures and Cultures (Gen Ed)
ENGL/AFST 233Major Black WritersChiles
HIST 309Women in the Atlantic World, ca. 1450-1850Block
JAPA/WGS 314Food, Fiction, and Film in Modern JapanHoriguchi
REST/WGS 319Gender and Religion in AsianScott
ENGL/WGS 332Women in American Literature Nicks (1 section), Jennings (1 section), TBA (2 sections)
ENGL 333African American Literature and Aesthetics: “Black Genders and Sexualities”Harris
PHIL 345BioethicsCupples (2 sections)
PHIL 360Philosophy of ScienceCupples
SOCI/WGS 375Gender in SocietyLee (1 section), Bhattacharya (1 section), Peterson (1 section), TBA (1 section)
HIUS 376/AFST 375/
WGS 376
African American Women’s History from Slavery to the PresentTBA
PHIL/WGS 382Philosophy of FeminismBerenstain
MUCO/WGS 412Gender, Performance Art, and Avant GardeGolden
POLS 413Race, Ethnicity, and Politics: “The Political Psychology of Identity”Marsh
ENGL/WGS 422Women Writers in BritainSeshagiri
HIEU/WGS 430Gender and Medicine in the Middle AgesRitchey
PSYC/WGS 434Psychology of Gender(2 sections, online)
ENGL 439Race and Ethnicity in American Cinema: “Gender and Sexuality in African American Film”Harris
AFST 450/ENGL 443Black Women WritersProcope Bell
AFST 450Race, Gender, and MedicineProcope Bell
SOCI/WGS 453Gender and CrimePresser
CNST/WGS 469Sexuality and CinemaMorris
ANTH 423 & 611Feminist AnthropologyShirinian
ENGL 483Special Topics in Literature: “Women’s Rights Movement in American Literature”Coleman
SPST 515Social Theories and SportLove
CFS 550Theory in Family StudiesHaselschwerdt
CFS 522Family Relationships and Interactions: “Stress and Resilience in Children, Families and Communities”Haselschwerdt
Foreign Study

***WGS majors/minors/grad certificates should contact Berenstain with questions about enrolling***