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Fall 2018 WGS-Related Course Offerings

Issues/Topics in African-American Studies AFST 450 Destine
Gender & Globalization ANTH/WGS 370 Klenk
Environmental Anthropology ANTH 415 O’Connell
Gender & Sexuality in Greece and Rome CLAS/WGS 384 Westerhold
Sexuality and Cinema CNST/WGS 469 Stehle
Women in American Literature ENGL/WGS 332 Jennings, Coleman, Nicks
“The Coffeehouse”: Literature and Culture, 1660-1740
(please speak to Dr. Anderson about completing a WGS-related project)
ENGL 411 Anderson
Women Writers in Britain ENGL/WGS 422 Seshagiri
Medicine and Gender in the Middle Ages HIEU 430 Ritchey
Gender and Devotion in the Middle Ages HIST 499 Ritchey
Gay American History HIUS/WGS 326 Sacco
Philosophy of Science PHIL 360 Frank
Philosophy of Feminism PHIL/WGS 382 Clausen
Psychology of Gender PSYC/WGS 434 Winford
Multicultural Psychology PSYCH 435 Gonzalez, Miles
African American Psychology PSYCH 476 Lewis
Gender and Religion in Asia REST/WGS 319 Scott
Gender and Religion REST/WGS 320 Collins-Elliott
Special Topics in Race and Ethnicity SOCI 466 Destine
Gender in Society SOCI/WGS 375 Ray
Gender and Crime SOCI/WGS 453 Presser
Introduction to Women, Gender, and Sexuality WGS 200 Cohen-Vrignaud

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